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Dynamic Pricing Is In Effect For Alaska Ferries

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Be Aware of Alaska Ferry Price Changes

Alaska Ferry Passage Costs Change Daily

Because the State of Alaska has implemented dynamic or staircase pricing, fares can change not only every day - but sometimes between the morning & evening of the same day.

This system is understandably extremely unpopular as it makes planning difficult for both the ferry traveller and any agent trying to assist in planning a trip.    

With this in mind please note that the Alaska fares on this site are basic fares so are estimates only: changes, based on the availability of a particular voyage, can and as a sailing gets closer, often happen.

For the most up-to-date fares on any particular Alaska ferry sailing, please call 1-800-686-0446 or email us at
Quoted Alaska ferry prices on this site are subject to daily changes due to availability.

With the exception of the Alaska Marine ferries, fares for all other ferry systems on this site (BC Ferries; Seattle ferries; Inter Island ferries) enjoy fixed pricing as shown, and are not subject to dynamic pricing.

BC Ferries Schedule Change Between Powell River - Comox

Secure Ferry Booking

Checking The Security Level of A Site

If using any site into which you will be entering personal information, it is wise to look at the address bar to ensure that you are both where you intend to be, and that the site page is secure.

A quick easy check of any sites' security level is to check the padlock contents at the beginning of the address.
By clicking on the padlock, you are able to check the security level of the page.

Is the lock black and closed ? OR is the lock open with a red slash

A black padlock indicates that that page connection is secure.
A red slash through the padlock notes that that page connection is not secure

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Avoid Frustration Before Trying To Book A Ferry

Ferry Cancellations and Refunds

April 22, 2020 Alaska Ferry Cancellation