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Alaska Marine revises May 24th MV Taku sailings

Sunday, May 24

Mechanical issues today forced the cancellation of all 24 May MV Taku sailings
Through May 26, the MV Matanuska will sail the revised schedules shown below

Monday, May 25
Juneau depart  1:00 am. (added run to Haines)
Arrive Haines    5:30 a.m.
Depart Haines   6:30 am.
Arrive Juneau  11:30 am.      
Depart Juneau  1:00 pm.
Arrive Petersburg  9:00 pm.
Depart Petersburg  9:45 pm.

Tuesday, May 26
Arrive  Wrangell  12:45 am.
Depart  Wrangell  1:30 am.
Arrive  Ketchikan  7:30 am.
Depart  Ketchikan  8:30 am.
Arrive  Prince Rupert  3:30 pm.
Depart  Prince Rupert  5:30 pm.
Arrive  Ketchikan  10:30 pm.
Depart  Ketchikan  11:45 pm. (on schedule)

Alaska Marine Budget Update

Alaska Marine Funding Restored for 2015/16
Image result for governor walker Alaska
By allocating $5.5 million of unused fiscal year 2015 AMHS fuel trigger funds, Governor Walker restored funding to the 2016 Alaska Marine operating budget .
This funding allows Alaska Marine to provide the previously scheduled ferry service & thereby honor previously booked reservations. 

There is one exception - the MV Taku sailings for July and August of 2015 have been cancelled but the vessel will return to service in October

Alaska Marine May Face Ferry Cuts

 Alaska Marine Ferries: April 10, 2015
Budget cuts may force both Alaska residents and thousands of visitors planning ferry travel in Alaska this summer to make last minute changes to already confirmed reservations.

While not yet detailed, budget restrictions could force some 9,000+ people currently holding booked and paid for summer ferry reservations to cancel or reschedule their trip/s.
Capt. Mike Neussl is the state Department of Transportationís new deputy commissioner overseeing ferries. (Courtesy AMHS)
Alaska Marine Highways Deputy Commissioner Mike Neussl (907-465-6977 ) notes that AMHS reservation staff are organized & will be contacting travelers to reschedule sailings and minimize inconveniences as soon as any schedule changes are confirmed

For more details call 1-907-465-3941

Inside Passage: A Bucket List Must

Whether taking an Alaska ferry from Bellingham WA or a BC ferry from Port Hardy BC, the Inside Passage journey provides unparallelled views of the coast.
Only one hitch - the beauty of these "mini cruises" is now common knowledge making advance bookings mandatory.

Bookings for summer 2014 Port Hardy - Prince Rupert ferry sailings can be made now on

BCF MV Northern Expedition

Bookings for summer 2014 Bellingham-Alaska ferry sailings will be online soon - but currently can be made with an Alaska expert at 1-800-686-0446 

Alaskas' MV Kennicott