A Ferry For $6,000.00 ?

Tuesday, 02 January 2018
Bragging Rights

High School reunion coming up?   Trying to impress future in-laws?
Depending on your degree of believability this might just be an opportunity to brag about ownership of a super yacht. 

After all, the Queen of Burnaby is in fact 426 feet -and that ranks right up with Paul Allen's 414 foot Octopuss.  And, its much longer longer than Oprah's MV HARPO.

Currently the Queen of Burnaby is not quite as pretty as either of those - nor does she have the same amenities - but we're talking bragging rights not ferry service, correct?

There are however a few important issues with the retired BC Ferry, Queen of Burnaby.
1) The vessel had experienced periodic leakage of hydraulic oil from controllable pitch propeller hub.
2) she has hazardous materials from new build
3) there are operations which must be managed in accordance with environmental regulations
4) there is an asbestos issue
5) there are also known issues with diesel fuel, petroleum based lubricants, wiring and insulation products, paints, refrigerants, plus other chemical issues
5) the ships sailing license had also expired

However, if you had a place to dock the Queen and, were willing to take on the responsibility of owing an aging vessel with many, many, many issues, the Queen of Burnaby could be yours.     And how many people own a 426 foot vessel anyway?

BC Ferries has only received a bid of 5,720 CAD on an ask of 6,000 - so the Queen Of Burnaby is still up for grabs!

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