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Getting to Anchorage

Anchorage is located in south-central Alaska and with a population of just under 300,000 is Alaska's largest city.
It is a deep seaport and welcomes cruise ships throughout the summer & it provides barge transportation for vehicles year round. 

 Anchorage is absolutely safe for tourists (visas not required), and is reputed to be one of the most beautiful of all the US states.

Fresh salmon, crab, halibut, rockfish, cod, clams, scallops, and oysters make Anchorage a seafood lovers paradise. In addition to fresh seafood, the plentiful number of international restaurants offer Thai, Himalayan, Polynesia & German cuisine.

Military bases in Alaska are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks & the North Pole. There are a total of nine military bases in Alaska.

Fort Richardson Army Base & Elmendorf Air Force Base located in Anchorage; Fort Greeley Army Base & Fort Wainwright located in Fairbanks and Eielson Air Force Base located in the North Pole are just five of the nine active military bases in Alaska.
With military personal constantly on the move, the weekly barge transportation from & to Anchorage  from the lower 48 in Seattle is in heavy demand. 

Booking a barge from Anchorage to Washington on is as easy as 1-2-3.
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Anchorage Attractions

One of the biggest attractions in Anchorage is the ability to enjoy the Northern lights.
From September through to April the Northern lights put on a spectacular & memorable sight.
- For the fisherman, there are 5 species of salmon in Ship Creek and the annual June fishing derby, Slam'n Salm'n, has anglers competing for the biggest catch.
- Abundant wildlife, glaciers, biking, hiking & dog sledding are just a few of the other popular activities in this, the largest city of Alaska.
- Anchorage is also a favorite cruise ship destination with ships arriving at the port every week all summer long.

Brown bear fishing in Anchorage
Fort Richardson is the largest Military base in Alaska Cruise ship bringing visitors to Anchorage
City of Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage Routes

Alaska Barges Carry all Cargo from Seafood to Vehicles

Barges, loading and unloading everything from seafood (including more than 19 million pounds of frozen salmon annually) to vehicles of all sizes, travel between Anchorage and Seattle in Washington State every week, year-round .

This means that transporting vehicles between the Lower 48 and Alaska is never an issue.
The average time to transport a vehicle from Seattle to Anchorage is 9-11 days: and to barge from Anchorage to Seattle is about 12 to 14 days.

Ferry Costs to / from Alaska

Ferry costs, unlike barge costs, are based on the length & width of the vehicle - not the height.

Barge delivering Vehicles to Anchorage

Barge Costs to/from Alaska

The cost of transporting vehicles by barge is based on the length, height and width of the vehicle
The good news for those sending their vehicles south from Anchorage to Washington is that the shipping cost is substantially reduced from those vehicles being shipped north, from Seattle Washington to Anchorage.

Barges do not Ferry travel to Anchorage. The cost from the barges which only transport. Vehicles depend on vehicle dimensions.
The typical travel time from Seattle to Anchorage by barge is 9-11 days.
There are nine military bases in Alaska. But to ship a vehicle to Anchorage (home of Fort Richardson & Elmendorf ) is between 9 & 11 days. Shipping from Seattle to Fairbanks, where Fort Greeley Army Base & Fort Wainwright are located, takes approximately two weeks.
Shipping a vehicle from Anchorage (or anywhere in Alaska) to Seattle is about 1/3 of shipping in the opposite direction (Seattle to Alaska). Costs always depend on the dimensions of the vehicle.
To ship a car from Seattle to Alaska depends on where in Alaska and the car's dimensions.
You can drive from Seattle, WA to Anchorage, Alaska & it is approximately 2,261 miles.
There are no car ferries from Anchorage to Seattle, but barges depart from Anchorage to Seattle every week.
Anchorage is absolutely safe for tourists and residents alike.
Alaska is the 49th state, so Visas are not necessary.
August is reputed to be the cheapest month to visit Alaska.
The Northern Lights are one of the main attractions for visitors to Alaska.
Groceries in Alaska are typically more expensive than in the lower 48 states due to its location.
The most efficient and least expensive is to drive.
One should spend at least 203 days properly exploring Anchorage.

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