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Finding information and booking travel on the numerous ferries operating in WA, BC and Alaska can seem complicated - but this site should answer any ferry or ferry related questions and make booking a ferry, on any ferry system, easy.

Some ferry systems operate passenger-only ferries, others passenger/vehicle ferries. There are high-speed ferries, traditional ferries, ferry companies operating year-round and ferry systems that operate seasonally. 

Always remember that unlike airlines, there is usually only one ferry system providing service between any 2 ports in Alaska, BC or Washington.
Port Angeles, used to have both a seasonal passenger-only ferry  and a year-round passenger/vehicle ferry service, but no longer. specializes in promoting ferry travel.
Coordinating travel on single or multiple ferry operator systems is made easy by using the red bar at the top of each page.
On the site you should find all the ferry and ferry-related information necessary to plan coastal travel on any public, private, state or provincial ferry system.

By using the bar at the top of the page you can:

  • access information on all ferry served ports in Alaska, BC and Washington
  • find information on each ferry route serving each port
  • look at all schedulesfor all ferries
  • securely book 99% of the reservable ferries

    If any of your ferry or ferry-related travel questions are unanswered, you can contact us either:

  • By email at : 
    (always note your travel dates; departure & arrival ports for the quickest response )
  • By phone at 1-800-686-0446 (inside North America )
  • By phone at 1-604-733-9113 (outside North America)

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