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BC Ferries Continue To Operarte

Public Requested to Limit Ferry Travel

BC Ferries has announced that their Lower mainland, Vancouver Island & the Gulf Island ferries will continue to operate but travellers are asked to only take the ferries when necessary.

"None of us should be travelling if it is not essential, said Mark Collins, BC Ferries president and CEO, in a statement.

Travellers that need to travel should know that the company has taken steps to keep ferry travel as safe as possible but customers are being requested to adhere to safe practices for their own safety and for the safety of BC Ferries employees."

Enhanced cleaning measures are in place aboard all operating BC Ferries.

Passengers are at this time, able to remain in their vehicles on most decks to restrict contact with other passengers.

For reservations on the Northern routes,  ( Port Hardy; Prince Rupert, Skidegate Haida Gwaii) go to: 

Port Angeles - Victoria Ferry Update

Black Ball Line said service will continue to operate under the current schedule until 30 March, to allow for the return of United States and Canadian citizens back to both countries as well as commercial cargo service.

All non-essential travel is suspended in accordance with announcements from Canadian and U.S. federal governments.

The last sailing of the MV COHO ferry from Port Angeles will depart at 2 pm on March 29.
The last sailing
of the MV COHO ferry from Victoria will depart at 4 pm on March 29.

Seattle - Victoria Ferry Sailings Suspended

Alaska Undertakes Intensified Ferry Cleaning

  1. All public restrooms are disinfected three times per day & wiped down routinely throughout the day.
  2. High touch areas such as handrails, countertops, door handles, drinking fountains and vending machines are sanitized several times per day.
  3. The ferry system has temporarily removed certain food items such as salad bars, self-serve & unwrapped food items from all cafes. (Removed items can be requested from the cook, server or cashier).
  4. The State is providing regular training to all crew regarding the CDC advised cleaning practices.
  5. AMHS is using the CDC recommended disinfecting and sanitizing products.

Seattle to Victoria Ferry Operations Suspended

Canadian Borders Now Closed Except To US & Cdn Citizens

Seattle Victoria Ferry Reservations

Travel Insurance More Important Than Ever

BC Ferries Request to Ministry of Transportation

Seattle Film Festival 2020

Seattle Victoria Ferry

Dynamic Pricing Is In Effect For Alaska Ferries

Alaska Ferry Schedules Summer 2020

Be Aware of Alaska Ferry Price Changes

Alaska Ferry Passage Costs Change Daily

Because the State of Alaska has implemented dynamic or staircase pricing, fares can change not only every day - but sometimes between the morning & evening of the same day.

This system is understandably extremely unpopular as it makes planning difficult for both the ferry traveller and any agent trying to assist in planning a trip.    

With this in mind please note that the Alaska fares on this site are basic fares so are estimates only: changes, based on the availability of a particular voyage, can and as a sailing gets closer, often happen.

For the most up-to-date fares on any particular Alaska ferry sailing, please call 1-800-686-0446 or email us at
Quoted Alaska ferry prices on this site are subject to daily changes due to availability.

With the exception of the Alaska Marine ferries, fares for all other ferry systems on this site (BC Ferries; Seattle ferries; Inter Island ferries) enjoy fixed pricing as shown, and are not subject to dynamic pricing.