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Summer 2022 Ferry Schedules

By going to the Home Page page on, planning and more importantly booking for 2022, is now available.
Early booking, whether to the Queen Charlottes or between Port Hardy & Prince Rupert is manditory to avoid disappointment.

In 2021, in spite of the Covid restrictions, vehicle space between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert was almost sold out well before summer.

Most questions can be found on but if help is required just email or call 1-800-686-0446

Port Hardy Ferry;  Prince Rupert Ferry; BC Ferries Norther Route; Discovery Coast Passage

BC Ferry to Run All Night

For more information call 1-250-381-1404   

BC Ferry Spirit of Vancouver Island epected to return 10 Nov 021

Reduced Vancouver - Victoria  Ferry Service Almost Over

Issues with the gear box on the large Spirit of Vancouver Island ferry resulted in a need for unexpected drydock servicing on 28 Seprember.

For over a month passengers travelling between Vancouver & Victoria experienced long wait times and packed ferries as repairs tp the Spirit vessel were completed.
Happily both wait times and limited ferry should both return to normal the week of 10 November when the
Spirit of Vancouver Island ferry ris welcomed back into service.

The updated ferry schedule will see the Mainland ferries departing from both the Vancouver & Victoria sides on the odd hour, beginning at 7AM every day.  This schedule should meet with happy Rememberance Day & ThanksGiving travellers.

For information on Ferry Reservations for the Island please call 1-250-3811404 

BC Ferries Removes Fuel Rebate



BC Ferries Sympathetic to Animals


 Be aware that if travelling from Washington to Alaska via the ferry to Haines, you will be travelling through Canada once you disembark and start along the AlCan Hwy to Central Alaska ( Anchorage  / Fairbanks etc etc) you will be crossing into Canada.

Canadian border regulations require registered proof completed vaccinations (both shots) .

 For complete details on what is required to pass through Canada to Alaska go to:


Barges however do not carry passengers - only vehicles.
For cost & schedules go to the
Home Page and choose where you want to travel from and to (image to secure info shown below) .

We are always here to help confirm a reservation request at 1-800- 686-0446


It is anticipated that in early November 2021, the US will open their borders to vaccinated visitors.
Vaccines approved by the World Health Organization and US Drug and Food Administration will be accepted.

Note however that there is still some question as to whether those who received a mixed course of vaccines, i.e. one dose of AstraZeneca & one of Moderna would be considered fully vaccinated for travel purposes. Good to check with customs prior to starting out.

As part of the standard US Customs and Border Protection admissions process, travellers entering the US by vehicle, rail or ferry will be asked about their vaccination status.
No testing will be required to enter the U.S. by land or sea, provided the travellers meet the vaccination requirement.

Other than for essential purposes, the land border between the US and Canada has been closed to Canadians since the pandemic was declared in March 2020.
Air Travel to the US however has been open to travellers from Canada since the beginning of the pandemic.
Canada opened its border to Americans crossing to Canada in August of 2021

For more information on using either a ferry or barge between Washington and Alaska go to ( stay on the Home Page and use the Quote booking Engine to secure the costs of either the ferries or barges

Ferry Service between Seattle & Victoria Suspended

As of October 12, 2021 all ferry service between Seattle & Victoria has been suspended.

Decreased ridership resulting from both the late summer Delta variant surge and the PCR testing restrictions have made operating the Seattle - Victoria ferry route financially impractical at this time.

It is hoped that ferry service will begin again sometime during the Spring of 2022.

Bellingham to Alaska Ferry Update

Stay on the Home Page and choose the departure / arrival ports ie  Seattle to Anchorage: Seattle to Fairbanks; Anchorage to Seattle; Fairbanks to Seattle) in the Quote/Booking engine shown above

Be sure to have the vehicle dimensions ( Length, Height & Width ) before trying to get the quote or book
Cross- Gulf ferries Bellingham to Whittier, Homer etc will resume service in March of 2022 

Easiest Ferry Bookings & Quotes

Costing Alaska Ferries To & From Washington Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Before You Start:
Before you start know the length of your vehicle if taking one  ( this can be obtained through google )
Know each passengers' date of birth to ensure all discounts are applied in the cost delivered

1) Screen 1 - Choose where you want to travel to
- enter the from and to for your wanted ferry route
- enter the number of passengers;
- enter the number of vehicles ( if pulling a trailer or car just enter 1 vehicle)
2) Screen 2 - Choose trip details
- enter the year, the month,day & time for the ferry chosen
- enter all the travellers ages
- enter the vehicle type;  vehicle length in FEET; height & width
3) Screen 3- Choose Accommodation ( Optional )

- cabin type ( cabins are optional & are private - not shared)

Voila ! the next page delivers the price based on what you entered and accounting for dynamic pricing Dynamic pricing means that as the ferry fills the price rises so this quote is only good for now - it may last but it may not
- now either book or abandon the quote (but remember that dynamic pricing is in effect)
Easy as 1-2-3 but if you have questions email or if you want us to make the reservation for you call 1-800-686 0446

Alaska Ferry Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a system that increases fare prices as available space on any Alaska operated ferry, decreases.
Because of the dynamic pricing system introduced in 2019 by the State, payments, in particular for vehicles over 30', and made on weekends, on holidays or after 5:00 PM Alaska time, may not be able to be processed until the next working day.
Should that happen, ie a price discrepancy occur, the passenger will be contacted either by email or by phone.

Alaska Ferry 2022 Summer Schedules

Barging to Alaska vs Ferrying to Alaska

FERRIES to & from Alaska:
Ferries, unlike barges, transport both passengers & vehicles.
Vehicles on a ferry can be up to 70' long, and as high as 13'.
A ferry from Washington (Bellingham) to Alaska ( Whittier ) takes  5 days.
 Ferries also travel from Bellingham Washington to Haines Alaska but if travelling to or from Haines, be aware that passports are required as travellers will be passing through Canada.