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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I amend or cancel a booking?
To amend or cancel a booking please forward an email noting the Booking Reference #; Operator Name; lead passenger name; details of the amendment required plus the contact email & contact phone and mail to: Changes must be done by e-mail to prevent mistakes.
Please note that the charge for amendments /cancellations varies both by operator and the length of time in advance of the scheduled sailing departure that the amend/cancel request is received.

Do I get my money back if the sailing I booked is cancelled?
Yes. If the operator is unable to fill a confirmed booking as requested you will be refunded in full.
Please note however that the operator or booking agent will not accept financial responsibility for any resulting hotel or transportation cancellations resulting from a delayed ferry, ferry breakdown or weather issue.
The purchase of travel insurance to protect against unexpected cancellations /delays of any type can protect against any unexpected cancellations /delays and is always recommended.
Travel insurance can be purchased from your local insurance agent or from most auto association offices


If I miss my ferry can I get the next one?
If you miss your ferry you will have to re-book. 

If I miss my ferry can I get a refund? 
Most often, yes - but a missed ferry almost always involves a financial penalty - how much varies by operator. The standard penalty ranges from  20 - 55%  depending on the operator.  Trip insurance is always recommended to protect against unexpected interruptions etc.
Always check the terms and conditions of your booking prior to payment.


If I make an Internet Booking will I receive any tickets?
No, not usually.  On completion of your trip request details you will  receive an on screen booking reference number followed almost immediately by an email.
That email will in turn be followed by another e-mail showing your check-in / sailing times and Confirmation number.
On arrival at the port of departure you should present your confirmation number together with appropriate photo ID and you will then be given your tickets.
If you prefer, and depending on the operator, tickets can be sent to you by courier ( there will be a courier fee - the cost of which will depend on where you live). Be aware however that if paper tickets are issued and you change or cancel a sailing date your refund/amendment can not be issued until the paper tickets are returned to the operator. Most people feel the paper ticket option is inconvenient

Is there a saving if I book a Round trip?
The private operators usually offer a discount for round-trip bookings. 
When travelling on a State or Provincial ferry however, (e.g. Alaska ferries, BC Ferries & Washington ferries) the fare is usually the same both ways and no discount is usually provided.

I am trying to get a price for 2 people travelling one way but with just 1 person returning.  Is this possible?
This is possible however it must be done as 2 separate bookings.
For example:
1. First booking is made for 1 person travelling round-trip or return
2. Second booking is made for 1 person travelling 1 way

How do I know which ferry company I am booking with?
Once you have completed entering the details of where you want to go, the number of travellers in your party, cabin type & vehicle length if appropriate, you will receive an on-screen summary of your booking request. This  summary will include the name of the ferry operator and the details of your booking.
In the Northwest most routes are served by only one ferry operator - however, in Alaska there are some independent ferry operators covering the same routes as the Alaska State ferries.

Are vehicle bookings transferable to another vehicle?
Yes providing the length, width & height of the "new" vehicle falls into the same category as the original. With a quick e-mail noting your new /changed vehicle information to, we can made the changes requested

Can I book through the Internet if I am renting a vehicle and do not know the make or licence plate number?
Yes, just enter "Rental " in the Vehicle Registration fields - or leave the field blank and complete the length, height and width fields.
Most standard vehicles are no longer than 15'. Standard passenger trucks are usually between 16' and 20'


How early do I need to get to the port before departure?
Check-in times vary depending on the route and the operator.
Your booking confirmation (both on screen and in your email) will note your check-in time directly above the sailing departure date and time.
If travelling as a foot passenger, most operators require check-in only 60 minutes prior to departure.
If travelling with a vehicle, the required check-in from most major ports is 2-3 hrs prior to the scheduled sailing departure.

What is required on check–in?
You will be asked for the lead passenger name, appropriate photo ID and the reservation confirmation number.
As of 01 June 2009 passports are required for all border crossings. Correct paperwork is the responsibility of each passenger.  Please note if travelling to Anchorage, Fairbanks etc you will be crossing into Canada & will require a passport.


When one leg of your trip is with a Canadian ferry operator and another leg is with a US operator you will need to make 2 separate bookings.
For example:
When travelling from Port Hardy in British Columbia to Skagway in Alaska you would need to make two separate bookings
Leg 1: Port Hardy - Prince Rupert is charged in Canadian funds
because the Port Hardy - Prince Rupert route is operated by BC Ferries which is a Canadian ferry company.
Leg 2: Prince Rupert - Skagway is charged in US dollars
 because the Rupert-Skagway route is operated by Alaska Marine which is a US ferry company.


How can I contact you?
Email at is answered 24/7 and that is often the fastest way to contact us either during or after office hrs.
If you are trying to make a reservation within 5 days of sailing departure it is best to call the reservation line at 1.800.686.0446.
If the lines are busy, avoid the temptation to hang up and redial - leave your name, ph# and a brief description of where you want to travel to and the return call will provide the answers you need.
The office is open Mon - Fri 08:30am - 6:00pm & on Sat mornings (PST).


Can I use someone else's credit card to pay for my booking online?
Yes, as long as you have their full permission to use their credit card and are able to provide the proper credentials.  Most operators accept Visa and Mastercard and a few ferry systems take American Express.

Is my credit card number secure when I make a booking?
Yes, all online bookings are handled via a secure server which uses the same encryption level as the banks.
Specifically, the website uses bank rated SSL encryption technology. We do however not keep credit card numbers once a booking is paid.


Please let us know how you were treated at the booking, check in and travelling stages of your trip
With your comments we can work to ensure that you have the best possible experience when booking and travelling on the ferries


Does this website support Netscape browsers?
Yes, this website has been designed for use on Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari.


I am travelling in a group and would like to know if I can get a discount?
Most ferry operators provide price discounts for large groups.
To qualify the group must usually consist of 15 or more passengers. Send us the details of where you are going, when and the number of people travelling in your group.   We will work to get you the best price available.


Ferry / Hotel package are available year-round and almost always represent the absolute  best savings.  Almost all hotels in downtown Victoria and most of the more popular ones in downtown Seattle are available in a package and those packqge guarantee the lowest combination pricing. For more information contact us at

If 4 people are travelling in the car should the number of passengers be driver + 3 passengers or 4 passengers?
The number of passengers is the total number of people travelling. Therefore in this example it is 4 passengers.


How do I know what to see & do in each port

You can access information on each ferry served ports in BC, Washington and Alaska by going to the red menu at the top of each page and clicking on the port of interest. In addition to general port information each port page provides links to the more popular hotels, tours and attractions in each ferry served port.
Some ports are cruise ship rather than ferry ports -  that however will be indicated in the copy.


If I arrive early can I go on-board straight away?

Pre-boarding is occasionally available for groups, for seniors and for the disabled. Pre-boarding will vary with the route and ferry operator


Is there a saving if I book a round trip?
The private operators usually offer a discount to anyone when a round trip is booked.
When travelling on a State or Provincial ferry however the fare is usually the same both ways and there is no discount.


If I make an Internet Booking will I receive any tickets?
No, you will receive an on screen booking reference number which will be followed by an email providing you with your confirmation number. When you arrive at the port of departure you should provide the confirmation number together with photo ID and you will be given your tickets.


Can I take my pet (cat or dog, snake, bird, fish) with me on the ferry?
You can take your pet on most vehicle / passenger ferries however the pets will have to stay on the car deck. Access to the vehicle deck to feed, walk & "water" your pet on the longer voyages is provided at regular intervals by the ships purser.
Some passenger-only ferries allow pets however you should contact us at prior to booking to confirm that pets are OK on the ferry you are planning to take. Please note that dogs and cats must have a recent Certificate of Good Health if travelling between the US & Canada. "Recent" is defined as being issued within 30 days of boarding the vessel.


Can the ferry accommodate large RVs, Motorhomes and 5th wheels?
Most vehicle ferries ( Alaska ferries & BC ferries) are able to accommodate vehicles up to 65’ and up to 13' feet high.