Think "Out of The Box" for Alaska Ferry Travel In 2024 

While the vehicle space on the Alaska Ferries from Bellingham Washington and headed north through the Inside Passage Port Islands of Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka  Juneau, Haines, are sold out until August 2024 it is still possible to do the Inside Passage this summer.

Think out of the box.   Simply book the trip going south instead. 
While the initial plan may have been to hop on the ferry in Bellingham and after exploring Alaska, drive home .... reverse that thought and board the ferry in Skagway or Haines instead.  

Both the spectacular coastal sights and the ferry costs are the same: just the trip direction and sailing dates will have been reversed
And perhaps this is a good thing.

By taking the Alaska ferry south and by leaving the "driving" to the ferry captain, you now have 4 easy days to take pictures, chat with people from around the globe, and to sit back to reflect on the time spent in Alaska.
You will arrive in Bellingham rested and in a relaxed state prepared for the drive home.

Remember, if you can not( or do not which to) go through Canada & whether travelling North or South, you can always call us (or go to & we will ensure your vehicle is loaded onto a barge for delivery to Seattle or your destination in Alaska.

Whichever route your take, and whether going north or south, & whether booking an Alaska ferry or sending your vehicle by barge, travel safely & have a great time.  

"Sea travel" hints and questions about making Alaska ferry or barge reservations are always happily provided by the staff at 1-800-686-0446