Don't 2nd Guess The Process Of Booking Of A Ferry

Because the FerryTraveller enables ferry travellers to book a number of operators on a single site and to do so in different currencies, the process can seem confusing at first.

It is not.

The only important thing to remember is that you must not rush to "second guess" the booking widget.     
The programers have worked hard to make booking on simple, quick and easy, provided one moves forward 1 step at a time and does not try to 2nd guess anything. 

The booking widget on is designed to ask only the questions required to provide an accurate ferry trip cost.   By using the widget, one can see the trip total both BEFORE making any ferry reservation and BEFORE sharing personal information like names, phone numbers etc etc.

This is really important because using any site that requires you to disclose personal details ( names, emails, phone #s etc)  before it provides the information you are seeking, may be data collecting and you may be opening the door to uninvited & unwanted email solicitations when all you wanted was information or costs for using the Alaska ferries or BC ferries or just the Seattle ferry.

So onward we go. 

1) From the drop menu, simply select the route, the number of passengers in your party and whether or not you will be travelling with a vehicle 
(If driving any vehicle with a tow  - just enter 1 vehicle).
Then click "Get Price”.     Easy Peasy.  


Page 2 will ask you to select the month, day and time you wish to sail plus the passengers ages ( so that any age discounts can be applied and reflected when the trip price is delivered). And finally, the type of vehicle you will be taking including its length, height & width.                                                  For travellers pulling a tow, choose “Passenger vehicle pulling a trailer” when defining your vehicle type

The widget will also ask if you have any pets. After answering , just click “Continue”

 Page 3 shows all cabin types on the ferry you would be sailing on - Remember that cabins are optional ….but if desired, can be chosen here. Note that all beds are singles so 2 in a single bunk is very very squishy. !   


Page 4 Shows a funny little boat searching for the space you have said you wanted. 


 Page 5  Phew .. nearly there ! 

Page 5 page summarizes what it is you said you wanted and it gives you the cost. ( If you get a pop up saying "Space is Lmited"and you were planning to ferry one way & drive the other, perhaps think about taking the ferry in the reverse direction or just call 1-800-686-0446)

If you want to make the reservation, hit the red "Click Here to Book" button at the bottom right of the page.  
( The sample below looks expensive but you will see it is for a 4 day trip with a vehicle pulling a trailer so this trio requires requires a lot of deck space)  

Quick note - if you get a pop-up saying "space is limited" and if you have chosen a cabin, hit the back button & remove the requested cabin to see if that is that is causing the pop up or, if in fact there is not enough deck space for your vehicle an that ferry sailing date.  

 If you get a price then carry on .. and remember you can always call us at toll free 1-800-686-0446 if you get confused or need help.


Happy travels