Hooray, Hooray ... It's a Ferry Planning Day


Just like the most well stocked candy shop, or an ice cream store with every possible flavour, we’ve made the FerryTravel.com site a place where you can find & make reservations on just about any major ferry route in Britain, in Europe and in Africa.

For years we only provided the ability to book the ferries in Alaska, the ferries in British Columbia and the high-speed, passenger-only Washington ferry serving the Seattle - Victoria route. And now we've added more. 

But hey - that’s not all. 

Now we are in the process of negotiating the ability to book the ferries that serve both the east coast of North America and the Caribbean.

By clicking on any route on the ferrytravel.com site, you can now see route maps, gather port information and start planning a holiday. Or an escape !
Every port listed on ferrytravel.com has a short but detailed description & the ferry pricing is real-time.

Oh - time for a quick confession.

We didn’t do all this ourselves - it’s a lot of work - and to compile everything required not only serious brain power, but also some clever negotiating skills to get all those ferry operators “onboard.”

So we’ve ‘linked” up with some of the smartest International ferry ticket retailers including Direct Ferries in England & Ferry GoGo in the Netherlands - just to be able to present you with the ability to explore the ferry world from your favourite seat at home.

One of the advantages of using a single site that links to various aggregators is the speed with which you can gather information relative to your particular interest of the moment.

Aggregators by the way, are companies or people who negotiate, & then present some type of service. 
This means that in using an aggregator you know you are getting the fastest, the easiest, and the most reliable information along with the best negotiated price.

So enjoy the site. Play with the options. 

Dream about ferrying to some exotic place or just across a small body of water to get to the candy shop or ice cream store.