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Border Crossing Information


Crossing The Border By Ferry

Crossing the US - Canada Border

For More Detailed Information Visit

Canada Customs Site                                     United States Customs Site

ID Requirements as of 01 June, 2009
Acceptable ID for US and Cdn citizens boarding a ferry is either:
1)  a
Birth Certificate plus Government issued Photo ID
a current Passport
3)  a Naturalization Certificate plus Government issued Photo ID
4)  or a Citizenship Certificate plus Government issued Photo ID
Passports are now required for everyone travelling between Canada & the United States by either road, sea or air

Non-United States and non-Canadian born citizens may be required to provide visas depending on their citizenship
A quick check with your consulate office will enable you to ensure you have the correct paperwork & do not incur border crossing problems

Felony Charges
Canada regards a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction as a felony
Persons convicted of a felony may be denied entry into Canada.

ID Requirements for Travelling with Minors
Parents/Grandparents/Relatives & Friends traveling with children under 18 yrs or with infants are required to provide identification & proof of citizenship for each child. Passports re not required for children under 18yrs

If both parents are not present at the time of travel, the traveling parent/grandparent/relative or friend must provide a signed statement from the non travelling parent/parents allowing the child to travel out of the country.
Failure to provide such evidence may result in being turned back at the border