RV's and Travel Trailers on the Alaska Ferry

Friday, 26 October 2018
RV's and Travel Trailers on the Alaska Ferry

Both the Alaska State ferries and BC Ferries can accommodate RV’s, motorhomes & passenger trucks pulling trailers.

The maximum allowable length is 70’ and a maximum height to 13’.
Folding in mirrors where possible can result is a substational cost saving as a standard width rate is charged for vehicles up to 8’6”.
For vehicles between 8’7" - 8’11” wide, the vehicle rate is increased by 25% over the standard fare; and RV's etc over 9' wide will incur an charge of 50% on top of the standard vehicle fare.
It is important to accurately measure the combined bumper to bumper length of your vehicle/s so when making a reservation you are charged the correct price.
Ferry costs for RVs etc are based on the car deck space required - so accuracy is important. 

Travelling by ferry with an RV is extremely popular as the parks in both British Columbia and Alaska are numerous. It is absolutely essential to book any RVs, motorhomes and campers hoping to travel on the Alaska or BC Ferries ASAP. 

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