Book 2019 Alaska Ferry Travel Early

Saturday, 22 December 2018
Alaska Ferry Space Sells out Well in Advance of Summer Travel

Every year travellers are disappointed because they are unable to travel the most popular ferry routes in Alaska because they waited too long to secure space.

If planning to ferry Bellingham Washington to Whittier Alaska or visa versa, or to ferry Valdez to Whittier (either way), it is essential to book as early as possible.
The ferry serving the Valdez <-> Whittier route is almost always sold out of vehicle space by June.

To avoid travelling through Canada, the only route available to vehicle driversis the ferry Bellingham <-> Whittier.
Driving the highway does not avoid a quick dip into Canada.
With only 10 sailings in either directions each year, summer ferry space to Whittier is usually sold out by February. 
(Whittier ferry service is only 2x per month beginning in April & ending in September)

To secure ferry reservations either call 1-800-686-0446 or for faster service book directly online at

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