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Non Essential Travel Is Irresponsible Travel

Saturday, 11 April 2020

BC Ferries Report Heavy Easter Weekend Traffic

BC Ferrries reported full or nearly full sailings on many routes Thursday afternoon and evening, and although repeated warning to avoid non-essential travel were broadcast, it seemed to make little difference.

Every scheduled ferry sailing between Vancouvers' Horseshoe Bay terminal and the Sunshine Coast was full Thursday. By Thursday evening, 2 Friday ferry sailings to the Sunshine Coast were sold out.

Stay Home !   The Premier of British Columbia has said it, the Prime Minister of Canada has said it; the President of the US & the Governors of Washington and Alaska have said it.   The World Health Organization has implored it .
We are in the midst of a global Pandemic which calls for self isolating except to complete essential service chores as quickly as possible.

Do not take a ferry, a bus, a plane or even a car - if not absolutely necessary.

This means no visiting the cottage; no visiting the chalet; no trips on a private boat; stay away from campgrounds and stay away from parks. 

To fight this pandemic in the best & fastest possible way, it is important to self isolate, to go out only when necessary.
Good news is that the weather is great -  so clean up the garden, sit on the patio, open some windows to let the fresh air in.

In the evening clean out that sock drawer, sort photographs, write a journal, hop onto the internet & check out Our Planet on Netflix.
Regard this period as bonus time - time to start or complete projects that have been on hold.

But whatever the choice, make sure you are staying home! is updated daily and emails are answered within hours.