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Alaska Ferries : Understanding Dynamic Pricing

Saturday, 30 May 2020

OnLine Pricing Quotes Show Base-Only Fares
Dynamic pricing can be frustrating because on any route, the Alaska ferry fares can change several times a day, or remain constant for several days.   The following should help by detailing the online booking process.

Prior to payment of an online booking request, the following pop-up will appear:
 This is essentially a note to advise that because of dynamic pricing, the fares delivered on-line may vary from the constantly changing dynamic or staircase fare.
By clicking OK, a
prospective traveller is able to proceed with a space request - but is not committed to purchase until the requested space is confirmed with an email or phone call.

On completion of an online booking request, 3 things happen.
1) an immediate email is sent confirming that the request has been received, and noting that a space confirmation will follow shortly.
i.e.   Thank you for booking with the Ferry Travel Gateway.
Your Booking Reference number is *******
The Alaska Marine Highway System confirmation is to be confirmed.
Please note: this booking is provisional depending on availability.

An email confirming your booking and providing your confirmation # will be sent shortly."

2) Payment of the base fare is held ( the credit card will show a "Pending" charge.)

3)  The booking and pricing as requested, is either confirmed with a confirmation number ( the credit card charge will then complete)  - OR - if either the requested space is unavailable, or the fare has changed, the prospective traveller will be contacted BEFORE the charge to their credit card has completed.

Dynamic pricing is employed by Alaska Marine only .
Pricing for BC Ferries between Port Hardy & Prince Rupert; Inter Island Ferries between Ketchikan & Hollis; Clipper Navigation between Seattle WA and Victoria BC; Black Ball between Port Angeles WA and Victoria BC & Washington State Ferries through WA and to Sidney BC as show on-line, is accurate.