The FerryTraveller Site is Focused On Ferry & Barge Tansportation is not about where to stay, what to do, or the tours available in ones destination of choice. 

 For the most helpful information on that area of travel planning, ones local AAA or BCAA office is better informed, and can be the most insightful.

This site, "The FerryTraveller" was created to help anyone planning to use the ferries operating in Alaska, Washington and in Northern BC to quickly, easily and securely get the transportation information that will get them them into, out of and around Alaska, BC & Washington State, by sea.

While the site provides details on each port stop, that information is included mainly to help 1st time travellers taking a ferry or using a barge, decide which ports may be of interest.

The very best information on the tours, accommodations and things to see throughout Alaska can be found in a detailed book called "The Milepost."

The book covers Alaska ...mile by mile.. gas stations, restaurants, campgrounds, shops, galleries .. in short, everything mile by mile, that a visitor to the State might want to know. It's popularity as a worthwhile "travelling companion" is absolutely justified.